Start your own business by offering a unique innovative service: vehicle washing at the customer's home or office location,
as well as machine cleaning of car upholstery and machine disinfection of vehicle interior.

We are pleased to present to you the first mobile car wash which provides conventional high-pressure water cleaning and simultaneous waste water collection during the washing process.This is an extremely innovative service as our customers enjoy the convenience to have their vehicle washed at their home or office location. This is possible due to our special foldable platform with drainage channels, which can be handled, moved and unfolded by a single person due to its unique patented technology.

Our company has a long-term experience with machine cleaning of car upholstery and machine disinfection of vehicle interior. We often provided these services at locations chosen by our customers and this inspired the idea that we could offer a new generation of services, i.e. full range of vehicle interior cleaning services and exterior washing with water at the customerís home or office location.
It took several years to develop and improve this project, during which the invention underwent all required preliminary research and tests on the grounds of which it obtained Community Design Certificates. As a result our company in its capacity as inventor has the exclusive right to use this invention and to grant rights on the use of this invention in Bulgaria and abroad, and is the sole owner of all rights on the mobile car wash.

In order to be washed, vehicles are parked on our extremely firm foldable platform made of aluminium alloys based on our patented technology which makes the platform very light but durable and firm at the same time. It is comprised of a special folding system allowing folding and unfolding of two modules which are easily transformed into a platform in just a couple of minutes where the vehicle is parked and washing commences. Specially designed slopes lead waste water to drainage channels, and a special technology leads waste water back into the mobile car wash system. The most unique thing about the platform is that in spite of its large size when unfolded (fully assembled) - after being folded the platform is transformed into two small modules which convenient enough to be easily transported in a cargo van, small trailer or pickup truck.

Innovative technology for waste water collection during the washing process allowing consecutive washing of vehicles without interruption of the process. We have further developed our system with an option for a water treatment system, thus waste water can be treated and reused which reduces water consumption and makes the process more eco-friendly!

The idea for providing this type of service and the improvement of our technology over time aroused huge interest which prompted us to patent our invention and start developing our franchise business. We provide to our franchise partners the whole system comprised of car wash equipment and accessories, waste water collection platform, know-how, training on the technological process, marketing strategy and a well-developed brand. We offer a complete product that allows you to start your own business quickly and easily by providing a unique service to your customers:

• vehicle washing with water at the customerís home or office location;
• conventional interior cleaning;
• machine car upholstery cleaning and car leather cleaning;
• interior cleaning;
• machine disinfection of vehicle interior;
• other detailing services;